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  • School Flag

    The School Flag with the school motto identifies the school and inspires the school community to work towards its goal. It’s the pride of the school and reveals school spirit and promotes the school identity for all to see.

    School Flag

    School Anthem

    The School Anthem sums up hopes and aspirations of the school. It is the bonding factor that arouses the spirits, uplifts and enthuses the students with pride of belongingness to the institution with a feeling of loyalty and faith.

    Our sincere gratitude to Mrs Renju Robin for the composition, direction and lending her voice for the School Anthem.

    We appreciate Mrs Uma Mohanan for volunteering time and effort to write the lyrics of the school Anthem.

    And the tireless efforts of Mr Jobin Varghese are appreciated, for rendering the music to the school anthem.

    School Hymn
    (Heaven’s Inspiration)

    We are the Theophilians
    Together we stand
    Together we march (2)
    Ahead of all

    We are the Almighty’s chosen ones
    To spread the warmth of love by tones (2)
    Blessed by the Blessed and wise
    We are sure to touch the skies
    We are the Theophilians…..

    Led by the kindly light.
    To guide us to do what is right
    Blessed by our mentor’s grace
    We shall make this world a better place.
    We are the Theophilians……

    Watch us as we lead
    In the face, of hardship succeed
    Blessed by the values learned
    We shall leave no stone unturned
    We are the Theophilians ……….