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    The Constitution of India has several provisions included in the Directive Principles of the State Policy and Chapter III of the Constitution (Fundamental Rights) that states “Compulsory education is mandatory for all citizens below the age of 14.” To realize the various provisions of the Constitution, the Right to Education free and compulsory, was passed by the Indian Parliament whereby various provisions, made education compulsory for all the students, irrespective of their social and economic background. Hence Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act was passed and the Act contains several provisions which the State and Central Government, have to comply with.

    Until 1978 when the Supreme Court of India ruled that education is industry, Education was the privilege of the State or of charitable bodies. When education was opened for the Industrial Sector, revolutionary changes took place. Industries started Educational Institutions, charging various fees and providing various facilities including

    English as medium of instruction. State run educational institutions began to lag behind. Now, English is the medium of instruction, in many educational institutions; Parents looking for good education prefer to send their wards in institutions where qualified and experienced teachers in adequate numbers and good infrastructures in spacious school buildings with large classrooms and facilities for mental and physical growth are available.

    Dr. Mar Theophilus School at Dhanori, Pune 15 strives to give the following physical and infrastructural facilities to make education as the effective tool for the students to grow and equip them to face the tough competition for admission to various courses after school education or to get suitable employment, profession or a vocation.


    Dr. Mar Theophilus School is a co-educational School with English as the medium of instruction. The Vision of the School is to establish itself as a Centre of Excellence in the field of education with standards comparable to the best and to provide students with the best tools to become confident, responsible, talented and a complete individual and lifelong learners.


    Prepare students through intensive coaching using advanced teaching equipment and make education interesting for students interposed with co-curricular extracurricular activities liberally. We give due recognition for the socially and economically backward students. The mission of the school is to provide the students with a safe yet intellectually stimulating and challenging learning environment that would help unlock the student’s potential and instill determination and self confidence in them so that, they are nurtured to become positive contributors to the school, community, nation, and the world. We strive to instill in the students the principles of secularism and appreciation of relevant culture from all parts of the country. We equip the students with the sense of clean environment and provide the students with awareness of human rights and social responsibilities. Value education is an integral part of co-curricular activities.


    1. The Main Objectives of the School are:
      1. To initiate children in the age group of 3 to 5 years for innovative educational system, in the Pre-School section.
      2. To admit and meet the highest expectations of children admitted in various classes in the School.
      3. To attain the said objectives, the School provides them with training which includes all round development intellectual, physical, mental and moral values.
      4. To inculcate the sense of discipline, which includes attitude, approach, behaviour, discipline, hygiene and good manners.
      5. To initiate gradually, value education to help the children, grow with the spirit of fellowship with each other and practice love and compassion among fellow human beings.
    2. Personality development of each student is meticulously addressed to and assessed during each quarter of the year and reported to parents.

    Our school day


    For Play School – 8.30 A.M. to 12.30 P.M.

    Primary and Secondary School-7.25 A.M. to 1.40 P.M

    Assembly at 7.35

    • National Anthem
    • School Song
    • Prayer Song
    • School Prayer
    • Story based on the theme for the week
    • News of the day
    • Announcement of the importance of the day
    • Warming up exercises

    After the morning assembly class teachers take their students to their respective classes

    The various facilities we provide are:­

    • Library
    • Science Laboratories
    • ICT Laboratories
    • Playing Field
    • Indoor sports facilities
    • Outdoor football field, basketball court
    • Outdoor KG and Primary Play Area
    • Personal Counseling
    • Art Room
    • Medicare
    • The School Library
    • E-Learning (Next Education)
    • School Transport

    Bus service for the students to school and back. The bus facilities conform to R.T.O rules. Buses are stationed in the school campus.


    School Uniform for Pre-Primary

    1. The School uniform for boys will be Scottish check shirt with red half pant. For girls Scottish check frock with red belt. The uniform has to be worn by the pupil from the first day of the School. White vest and underwear to be worn by the boys every day. For girls red cotton bloomers and white slip is compulsory.
    2. Although the School does not prescribe a winter uniform, long pants may be (uniform) worn by the boys from Playschool to UKG and black stockings by girls during winter.
    3. Only plain black socks to be worn along with Bata black shoes for boys and Bata (Ballerina) black shoes for girls. A non-uniform sweater or shoes will be confiscated on the day they are worn. On the child’s birthday, he or she should come in school uniform.
    4. Embroider the child’s name and class on the label provided on the sweater collar to identify the sweater.
    5. Parents have to pay careful attention to personal cleanliness and hygiene of their children.

    School Uniform for Primary and Secondary Sections.

    1. The School uniform for boys is white shirt, black half pant, black tie with School emblem and black full pant from Std V onwards. For girls, white shirt, black Pinafore, black tie with school emblem and black divided skirt from Std V onwards. The school uniform will be worn by the pupils from the first day of the School.
    1. The School sweater is of grey colour with the School emblem embossed on it. Child’s name and class is to be embroidered on the label provided inside, otherwise it would be difficult to identify the sweater.
    1. Only plain white socks are to be worn along with Bata (Naughty boy) black leather shoes for boys and Bata (Ballerina) black shoes for girls. Every child should have at least two sets of uniforms.
    1. A non-uniform sweater or shoes will be confiscated on the day they are worn.
    1. On Thursday/Friday House wise P. T. uniform for house wise identification has to be worn by students.
    1. The School is particular that the boys have regular crew haircut. Hair bands and black ribbons are to be worn by girls.
    1. Black cotton bloomer for girls and underwear for boys are compulsory.


    Admission procedure commence in the month of December.

    Admission forms of the Pre -school and class 1 must be supplemented with 2 photographs, original Birth Certificate (laminated) Aadhar card and caste certificate if any (laminated).

    Applicant for class 2 and above must submit transfer certificate of the last school attended (laminated), Aadhar card, caste certificate if any (laminated).

    The Submission of admission form does not guarantee admission.

    In addition to the fees parents are required to meet the expenses of school uniform, stationery, transport, excursions, class activity material charges, board examinations and competitive exam charges.


    Fees and other levies are collected quarterly (in four quarters).

    Fees and other payments for first quarter (June- August) must be paid on admission.

    Fees and other payments for second quarter (Sept-Nov) must be paid between 5th to 15th Sept. only.

    Fees and other payments for third quarter (Dec-Feb) must be paid between 5th to 10th Dec. only.

    Fees and other payments for fourth quarter (March-May) must be paid between 5th to 10th February only.

    Please contact the class teacher for particulars of other payments during each quarter, before the due dates.

    Late payment of fees -and other items will be fined at the rate of Rs.5/- per day until payments are made.

    Instructions/ notices and information other than what are stated above will be given to the students from time to time by the class teacher / displayed on the parents’ notice board in the lobby.

    Any withdrawal after the 1 quarter, the next quarter fees will be charged before the Transfer Certificate is issued.




    Parents Please Note:

    Those having account in other banks should make the transaction via online / RTGS / NEFT and submit the transaction copy with the child’s name in the office.

    Account Type Savings
    IFSCCode UBIN0560600
    Account Name Dr. Mar Theophilus School (Primary Account)
    Account Number 606002010003729
    Account Name Dr. Mar Theophilus School (Pre-Primary Account)
    Account Number 606002010003728
    Account Name Dr. Mar Theophilus School (Secondary Account)
    Account Number 606002010003728

    Caution Deposit Payment

    Account Type Savings
    IFSCCode FDRLOOO 1663
    Account Name Dr. Mar Theophilus School
    Account Number 16630100004312


    1. No child is allowed to go home during school hours in order to attend religious or social functions.
    1. A medical certificate after an infectious disease and a leave note is to be sent if the child has been absent from the class.
    1. Compulsory attendance on the opening day, after each vacation.
    1. Absence apart from medical leave will not be considered without prior written sanctioned approval.
    1. Parents/guardians are required to sign messages, progress reports, circulars or any other similar documents when requested.
    1. Parents/guardians are requested to see that the person who comes to collect their wards from the School do not remain on the School premises longer than is necessary. Such persons should come to collect the students only at the time appointed.
    1. Parents /guardians desirous to meet teachers must obtain the Principal’s prior permission.
    1. Attendance on reopening days and on non-instructional days are compulsory. Absentees on Patron’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Annual Day, Sports Day and Graduation Day are liable for fine and an explanatory note from the parent/guardian is imperative.
    1. School timings are to be strictly followed. Late coming will not be permitted. A child coming late may be turned back home. No excuse will be entertained.
    1. Students are expected to travel by transport approved by the school. Transport not approved by the RTO will not be permitted in the School premises.


    • Competent, committed, professional and experienced teachers.
    • Specially organized airy classrooms, open meets and spacious play areas with Children’s Park.
    • Economically manufactured furniture in classrooms to care for the comforts of the Students.
    • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Celebrations of cultural and national
    • Training in good manners, hygiene, cleanliness, punctuality, discipline and table manners.
    • Compilation of meticulous progress report on personality development which parents must read, (for Pre-school only).
    • Syllabus and activity details are in the school hand book supplied at the beginning of the first term of the year to parents.
    • Emphasis on analysis and application data.
    • Picnics and field trips at frequent intervals, except during monsoon season. Immediate medical attention when necessary. Tie up with multi-specialty hospital. Infirmary for sick children, under supervision of full time medical and para medical staff.
    • Qualified, experienced and full time nurse for sick students.
    • Students passing out of the Pre-school of Dr. Mar Theophilus School will have preference for std I admission.
    • Emphasis on audio-video teaching with Phonetics, E-Class rooms with green and white boards, Full-fledged Science lab, Computer lab, Geography lab and Maths lab with latest equipments and proposed language labs.
    • Research based teaching methodology.
    • Activity based teaching and learning pedagogy.

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