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  • Code of Conduct

    The school focuses on factors that make it unique, bringing in the best and discourages malpractices.

    Code of Conduct

    Students are representatives of the school. They are expected to set a high standard of behavior both inside and outside the school premises.

    To discourage the growing tendency of late arrival, students are sent home once the school gates are closed.

    Compulsory attendance after every vacation.

    Parents or guardians cannot dictate to the Management, and the Management reserves the rights to decide the conditions upon which it will admit or retain a student in the school.

    Parents should not seek permission to take their wards home for social functions during the school hours.

    Bullying, aggression or violence in any form is gross misconduct for which the school will take strict disciplinary action when required.

    Students are expected to have respect for their peers and be sensitive to differences among themselves due to physical, cultural and economic considerations.


    Students are expected to have strict adherence to school timings. Students will not be permitted to enter the school after commencement of school time.

    Students must report to class on time after break or activity periods.


    Students should be in the proper uniform as prescribed. Proper length of skirts and shorts must be adhered to. Black shoes must be as defined in the uniform.

    Boys should have a short groomed haircut.

    Girls with long hair should have it tied. Only black hairclips must be used.

    All students should have clipped nails. Girls are not permitted to wear nail paint.

    Students are not permitted to wear expensive or flashy jewellery, watches and other accessories.

    Leave of Absence

    Parents are requested to see that their wards are regular in attendance and punctual to school.

    Students must have minimum attendance of 75% during the academic year in order to take the final examinations.

    In the event of absence for a day or two parents are required to write an application to the Principal on the ward’s return to school, explaining the reason for the absence duly signed by the parents/guardian.

    In case of absenteeism due to illness, students must present an application supported by medical certificate to the school.

    Long leave may only be taken with the prior permission of the Principal.

    No Student is permitted to leave school during school hours without a valid permission slip from the Class Teacher / Head Mistress.

    Parents' duties

    Make sure that the student attends school daily and on time, properly attired in full uniform and equipped for effective learning to take place.

    Read and review school expectations, guidelines, rules and regulations with family members.

    Cooperate with school officials regarding matters of discipline.

    Seek from school and community agencies help in correcting a student’s misbehaviour.

    Inform school officials of concerns relating to student’s behaviour and medical conditions that may affect the child’s well-being or performance.

    Promote a healthy lifestyle.

    Supervise and ensure the completion of homework and other assignments and provide an appropriate environment for learning at home.