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    Shotokan Karate Winner

    The school participated in interschool Karate Championship held at Savitribai Shivarkar Bhau Udist hall, Wanawdi, Pune on 25th &26th November, 2017 under the coaching and guidance of Amit Thakur and Akshay Sarode . Our children won many medals and brought laurels to our school. Gold Silver Bronze Sai Kulkarni Suhan Shaikh Liya Mohan Divya Sawande […]

    Cleanliness workshop

    “Galti Nahi Karenge, Hamesha Sabun aur Paani se Haatt Dhoyenge”. The World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and Lifebuoy are working together to bring vital hand washing education to children in Guiding & Scouting. A session / activity was organised on 09th and 10th Nov 2017 by our Guide Captain Mrs. Lalita […]

    2nd Unit Test Timetable for class VI-IX

    Timetable for classes VI-VIII Dr. Mar Theophilus School Time Table for II-Unit Test (2017-18) Class VI , VII , VIII Date Day VI VII & VIII 04/12/2017 Monday Maths / Biology Eng Lit / Geography   05/12/2017 Tuesday Geography / Chemistry History / Physics   06/12/2017 Wednesday Hindi / Eng Lit Eng Lang / Chemistry […]

    2nd Unit Test Timetable for class I-V

    Dr. Mar Theophilus School Time Table for II-Unit Test (2017-18) Date Day Class & Subject Std: I & II III , IV & V 04/12/2017 Monday Eng Lit Eng Lit 05/12/2017 Tuesday Hindi Maths 06/12/2017 Wednesday Maths SST 07/12/2017 Thursday EVS Hindi 08/12/2017 Friday  Working Day Eng Lang 09/12/2017 Saturday Eng Language Science NOTE: During […]

    Results of National Handwriting and Colouring Contest 2017

    We are very pleased to declare the result of ‘National Handwriting and Colouring Contest 2017’. Following awards is being awarded to our school: National Ideal School Award 2017 National Ideal Principal Award 2017 National Ideal Teacher Award 2017 – Art Teacher (Primary Section) National Ideal Teacher Award 2017 – Art Teacher (Secondary Section) For excellent […]

    C J Samuel
    Proud Moment

    Proud moment International Association of Law Schools and Symbiosis International University awarded our school                                              Director Dr. C. J. Samuel with ‘Life time Achievement Award’ on 8th Nov 2017 for his extraordinary contribution in […]

    Children’s Day Celebration

    Every child is a different flower, and altogether make this world a beautiful garden. Children are adorable and shine like precious pearls. They are the God’s gift to their parents by their almighty. They are innocent, admirable, pure and loved by everyone. 14th November is celebrated every year as Children’s day to increase awareness amongst […]

    Science Exhibition

    Science Exhibition “Enigma” held at St. Mary’s School, Navi Mumbai, Vashi on 18th November, 2017. Junior Group won III Prize Dhruv Chavan – VI C Rohan Karki – VI C Priya Das – VII B Project – Oyster Mushroom Cultivation on scrap paper. Senior Group: Avishkar Thange – IX Samarth Sawant – IX Diya Jadhav […]

    Picnic Time The following is the class picnic schedule: Sr.No Dates Class 1 9th November 2017 I and II Std 2 11th November 2017 III and IV Std 3 18th November 2017 V to IX Std Please note: Students to be dropped and picked by parents Students to wear P.T uniform and white shoes. They […]

    Olympiad schedule

    Olympiad schedule: The students appearing for different Olympiad examinations to be held, please refer to the following schedule: Sr. No Dates Subjects 1 8th and 9th November 2017 Maths 2 15th November 2017 Science 3 21st November 2017 Ignited Minds 4 30th November 2017 Infomatics 5 8th December 2017 English 6 12th December 2017 General […]