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    English Essay Writing Competition (Secondary Section) 2020

    “The pen is mightier than the sword”

    Essay writing is a very sensitive form of self expression. It is a harmonious blending of ‘thought’ and ‘expression’. Essay writing has assumed great importance in our competitive examinations. It is considered to be the most effective test of the ability of a candidate to express his thoughts on a topic of general interest in general, unambiguous and impressive English. Keeping this perspective in mind, Dr Mar Theophilus School, Dhanori, Pune  organized the Essay writing competition for all the students for classes I to X. An essay writing competition was held online in the Microsoft Team Platform on Date 27th July 2018 from 5.00pm to 6.00pm. The Details of the competition is discussed below.


    CLASS- 5

    • Save Trees
    • Save Water
    • Life Under Lockdown

    CLASS- 6

    • Cleanliness is next to Godliness
    • Importance of Sports and games
    • Health is wealth
    • Importance of Hygiene and sanitization.

    CLASS- 7

    • If I were the President of India
    • I am Unique
    • Time and Tide waits for none.

    CLASS- 8

    • Importance of Education
    • Are Paper books better than E-books?
    • Employment condition after lockdown.
    • Mask- An Essential part of our Life style.

    CLASS- 9

    • Social Life during COVID-19
    • Role of technology during COVID-19.
    • Children and Technology- A sign of Advancement or Unseen disaster.
    • Human rights.

    CLASS- 10

    • Impact of Online Education during COVID-19.
    • Disaster Management
    • Brain Drain
    • Is Mental Health equally Important as physical health?

    Result  Of Essay Writing Competition-

    Class- 5

    • 1st Prize              : Mast Abhishek Patra
    • 2nd Prize            : Miss Veehana Verma, Miss Anjula Roy
    • 3rd Prize             : Miss Ojita Karat

    Class- 6                                      

    • 1st Prize          : Mast Mayank Mahtere
    • 2nd Prize        : Miss Stuthi Kulkarni
    • 3rd Prize         : Mast Harsh Purohit

    Class- 7

    • 1st Prize          : Miss Abha Kolhe
    • 2nd Prize        : Mast Naga Nidhish
    • 3rd Prize         : Mast Manthan More

    Class- 8

    • 1st Prize          : Miss Shravani Inamdhar
    • 2nd Prize        : Miss Spruha Alhat
    • 3rd Prize         : Miss Shubhra Yashwantrao

    Class- 9

    • 1st Prize          : Miss Asavari Patil
    • 2nd Prize        : Miss Sakshi Shukla
    • 3rd Prize         : Miss Sriya Parida, Miss Vibhuti Jadhav

    Class- 10

    • 1st Prize          : Miss Priya Rajesh Das
    • 2nd Prize        : Miss Abhigya Bhagat, Miss Madhavi Ohal
    • 3rd Prize         : Miss Sai Kulkarni, Mast Nikhil Soni 

    Congratulations to all the Winners!!