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    Admission 2019

    Admission 2019

    Dr. Mar Theophilus School, Pune

    Admission Notice 2019

    Procedure for registration of candidates for admission

    Registration of candidates for admission for the academic year commencing March 2019, shall begin on 3rd December 2018. Parents/ Guardians who desire to have their wards registered for admission should apply to the Principal on the prescribed form. The prospectus and Registration form shall be available for sale. Registration forms complete in all respects, shall be submitted to the school office.


    1. The amount for the Form and Prospectus is not refundable.
    2. Registration forms shall only be accepted by hand in the office at the given time. Forms shall not be accepted on any other day or at any other time.
    3. Parents are advised to retain a Photocopy of the completed form and documents submitted.
    4. Having a sibling enrolled as a student does not guarantee admission of a candidate.
    5. The Purchase of the Prospectus and submission of the Registration Form does not guarantee admission.
    6. Parents are advised to carefully follow the instructions for the submission of the Registration Form given in the Prospectus.
    7. Read the instruction provided in the Application Form carefully before attempting to fill in the details.



    The following details must be provided, failing which the form shall be rejected:

     Name of the ward-Parent must ensure that the SPELLING is accurate in all respects. No change shall be permitted at any later date. Please do not mention “house name” or “nick name”.

    1. Names of both the parents must be mentioned along with the address and telephone number. This applies even to single parents (deceased, divorced/separated or other circumstances). Kindly note that information about parents shall NOT be changed, once the child is registered. Forms that do not have the name of both parents shall be treated as invalid and shall be rejected.
    2. Detailed description of the parent’s occupation (exact description of the occupation.)

    NOTE: merely writing ‘business’, ‘service’, self- employed’ will not do.(If in service, the name of the organization, designation and in case of business or self-employment, the name of the organization and the type of business or occupation). Forms that do not contain these details shall be treated as invalid and shall be rejected.

    3. The prospectus contains an acknowledgement Slip, which must be completed by parents and submitted along              with the Registration Form.

    The School shall NOT take any responsibly to ensure that documents or information provided at the time of submission of the Registration Form, are actually present or correct. All documents are to be stapled to the Registration Form with a single staple. No original documents are to be attached with the Registration Form. All photo copies are to be self-attested by BOTH parents only. In the event of the parents being deceased, divorced, separated this should be mentioned on the self-attested documents. Forms that are not self-attested shall be treated as invalid and shall be rejected.


    The age limits being as follows:

    1. Nursery: Between 3 – 4 years, (on September 30th 2019)
    2. K.G.: Between 4 – 5 years (on September 30th 2019)
    3. KG: Between 5 – 6 years (on September 30th 2019)

    There shall be no change permitted in the date of birth of the applicant, if admitted to Dr. Mar Theophilus School, at any time during the pupil’s tenure in the School.

    Eligibility  criteria  for Age groups
    Age category Std
    3 years completed on 30.09.2019 Nursery
    4 years completed on 30.09.2019 LKG
    5 years completed on 30.09.2019 UKG
    6 years completed on 30.09.2019 First

    Documents to be attached with the Registration Form

    1. A photocopy of the birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation.
    2. Photocopy of UID or Aadhar Card in the CHILD’s NAME needs to be submitted.
    3. Caste Certificate on the child’s name (if applicable).
    4. Photographs of the candidate and of both parents must be attached .Kindly note, these points are mandatory, even in case of a single parent (deceased, divorced/separated or other special circumstances). The Form shall be rejected if photographs are not attached as mentioned above.
    5. Kindly note that information about parents shall NOT be changed, once the child is registered.




    Dr. Mar Theophilus School, Dhanori


    Dr. Mar Theophilus School, Dhanori, does not accept any donations or gratuities in respect of admissions in the school for any class, whatsoever.

    No person other than the Principal, has the authority to grant admission and no person, including members of Staff, have any role to play in the grant of admission to any boy/girl.

    It may be noted that if anyone deals with any persons, claiming to help in the admission process, he/she does so at his/her own risk, for which the school shall not be responsible.



    Mrs. Roshni George.