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    15th August 2020 ART AND CRAFT Activity

    Art and Craft is a great way to portray one’s thoughts, creativity and expression. On the occasion of 74th Independence Day Celebration of our country,  Dr. Mar Theophilus School, Pune held the creative following activities for the students.
    1.Tri-colour paper wall     hangings (you can use tri-colour wool)
    2.Pot painting
    3.Independence Day greeting cards
    4.Tri-colour paper flower
    5.Tri-colour badges
    6.Tri-colour paintings
    7.Tri-colour paper quilling
    8.Tri-colour paper birds
    9.Tri-colour pen stand
    10.Flag decoration using pulses (Pulses Tiranga Flag)
    Our students displayed immense interest and creativity in creating all the crafts in celebrating this  national festival in a distant and safe manner.
    Happy Independence Day!