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    Dr. Mar Theophilus School

    DMTS/18-19/03.07.2018/ Circular-17

    Dr. Mar Theophilus School is committed to ensure that all safety norms are adhered to within and outside the school premises. In continuation of the same effort we have our school Transport Committee in place that provides adequate coverage area to facilitate student transportation.

    The ‘School Transport Committee’ with the – School Principal as the Chairperson, Inspector in Charge Vishrantwadi Police Station, Inspector of Motor Vehicles Vishrantwadi, Education Extension Officer, Bus Contractors, Representative of Local Authority and Parent Representative as members having looked into the guidelines given by the Maharashtra home section letter no. MVR 0808/CR – 153/TRA -2, Dt. 22/4/2011, which states that the ‘Transport Committee’ is responsible to verify compliance of the school transport norms of the vehicles ferrying students to and fro from school.

    We want you to note that the school authorized transporters are Sourabh Transport and Varghese Transport and the privately run vehicles such as vans and buses that the parents avail are unauthorized and the school does not take any responsibility of the safety of children travelling in such vehicles.

    About School Transport – Dr. Mar Theophilus School has outsourced its transport facility to ‘Sourabh Transport and Varghese Transport’.

    DMTS, as a regular practice has been monitoring the ‘Sourabh Transport and Varghese Transport’ (school transporters) on regular basis, in accordance to the government guidelines and has verified records of all necessary documents as per the RTO norms. Based on this, DMTS has authorized them as ‘official transporters’ for the school.

    Private Transport Since you have decided to hire private transport to ferry your child to and fro, we hope that you are aware of the following:

    1. If you have arranged for private transport /vehicles not approved by the school authorities, please note that you have done so at your own will.
    2. You are solely responsible for monitoring, supervising and verification of these vehicles as these vehicles stand unauthorized /unrecognized by school authorities.
    3. In case of Private Transport: Under any circumstances the school will not be in a position to address the matters or concerns as we can for the Sourabh Transport and Varghese Transport.

    For your information the two resolutions passed in the first Transport Committee meeting held on dated 29.06.2018 are self-explanatory. The resolutions are appended below:-

     Resolution I

     It was resolved that a notice be sent to the parents urging them not to use unauthorised vehicles to ferry the students from home to school and back.

    • The vehicles should be passed by the RTO and should have a driver with proper licence, badge and also a lady attendant.
    • The sitting capacity in case of children should not be more than 1.5 times the number of seats registered at RTO.
    • The vehicles should not be fitted with CNG or LPG kits from unauthorised agencies.
    • The vehicles should be regularly serviced at authorised service stations.
    • It was specified that parents using vehicles not authorised by the RTO and the school to ferry the children, will be the total responsibility of parents to see that the child reaches home safely.
    • The school will not be accountable for the safety of such students or for any other problem or for any mishaps that takes place during the travel time if they avail the unauthorised transport facility.
    • The Committee requested the school to inform the parents through a circular of the need to avail the authorised transport facility only.
    • The unauthorised transporters do not collect the students at the right time after school leaves and the school will not be responsible for the children who are left out after the school hours.

      Resolution II

    It was further resolved that

    • The school being conscious of the security and safety measures of its students; parents / their authorized guardian are requested to extend wholehearted support and cooperation in our endeavours.
    • Parents/Guardians are requested to carry and show their Escort cards at the School entrance gate when they come to collect their children from the school premises or at the pick and drop bus stops, failing which the child would not be handed over. They are also expected to carry the school Escort Card during every interaction with school / staffs. Parents will not be entertained without the escort pass.

    Please go through this circular carefully and abide by the same for your child’s safety is our priority.